Our Commitment
A Miracle for Ava is a Non-Profit organization created in honor of our beloved daughter, Ava Gioe, who was taken at the age of 5 after a 20 month battle with DIPG. Our commitment is to raise funds and awareness in hopes of combating brain tumors through research, and to support families facing this diagnosis.
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Ava’s Journey
Almost one month after her fourth birthday, Ava had what we thought was a seizure and was rushed to the hospital. After noble efforts to stabilize her, a scan revealed a tumor in her brain, which was causing a massive bleed. Ava was airlifted in critical condition to CHOP in Philadelphia where we received the worst possible news; our baby girl had DIPG, brain cancer. We were informed there was no cure, resection was not an option, and chemo would be ineffective. The doctors weren’t even sure if Ava would make it through the next few days and, if she did, she would likely only have a few months left with us.
Three months later, my little fighter defied those doctors and came home from the hospital! The bleed had taken its toll, however. Ava was paralyzed on the right side of her body and would never walk unassisted again - though she tried! She learned how to talk, eat, and even hold her neck up on her own again. She never lost her faith, hope, or love of life.
Throughout Ava’s trial with DIPG, we were blessed with many miracles. Ava lived 20 months after her diagnosis, which we consider a miracle and a gift. Ava continues to touch people around the world with her testimony. We consider it an honor to share Ava's journey.
Brain Tumor Information
DIPG is a highly aggressive brainstem tumor, which is inoperable and highly aggressive. Peak incidence is 5 – 10 years of age and the median survival rate is 9 months. Ava was 4 when she was diagnosed, and she fought for 20 months. Learn more about this disease and find out how you can help.
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